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I consider it a privilege to walk with people as they pursue growth and healing.  I am committed to working with clients as they move towards the changes that need to be made in order to improve their life.


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Mood Disorders


Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders can be challenging to live with and can interfere with responsibilities and can strongly effect life satisfaction.  I generally approach these issues from a cognitive behavioral perspective, looking at how faulty thinking can impact mood and behavior.  I provide practical skills while also taking into consideration history, family dynamics and current struggles.  When relevant, I will spend time looking at how these things may also be impacting mood.

Women's Issues


I work with women facing a variety of issues.  Sometimes transitioning to a different life stage such as motherhood or reentering the workforce is challening or infertility and loss bring about grief.  Other times it’s relational hurt and challenges or singleness that are problematic.  Self-esteem issues and body image (and flawed eating patterns) can rob women of their joy.  Counseling can be a powerful way to work through these challenges.  I work individually with women as they learn ways to heal, grow and thrive.

Grief & Loss


Grief may present itself for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you or maybe you’re grieving a complicated, damaged relationship.  Sometimes it’s a loss of position, job, home or unmet dream that brings on feelings of grief.  Regardless of the literal or figurative loss, counseling can be an excellent way to move through your grief rather than stopping it or moving around it. 


4305 N. Lincoln Ave. 
Suite Q 
Chicago, IL 60618



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