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The non-insurance fee for a 50-55 minute individual session ranges from $150-200.


I am in network with BCBS PPO, and with this plan, you are only responsible for your deductible (if any) and your copay.  The coverage for session fees depends on a client’s specific insurance.

If you do not have BCBS PPO, feel free to contact me.  With certain plans, even though I am not on their network, you may find that your copayment is not much higher to use your out of network coverage than to see someone on your provider list.  Out-of-network status does not typically mean that a client has no benefits.

Regardless of network status, I will submit to any insurance company on your behalf. 

It is recommended that you contact your insurance and get the details about your coverage.  A phone call can help you make informed decisions related to your care.  Important questions to ask include:

  • What is my coverage for outpatient mental health?  

  • What is my coverage for out-of-network providers?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met for the year?

  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover with this therapist?

  • How much will I be responsible to pay at each therapy session?

  • Is preauthorization required before I make an appointment?


Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis.  Please call me to discuss this.


Please be prepared to pay at your session.  If you are using your insurance, you are still responsible for paying your deductible (if any) and copayment at the session.  No bills will be sent to you.  I accept cash, Chase Quickpay, Venmo, check or debit/credit cards, as well as HSA (Health Saving Account) and FSA (Flex Spending Account) cards.


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